Terms and Conditions

Cleaning Company Barking Dagenham IG11

Fast Cleaners Barking Dagenham agrees to carry out any and all work that is specified in the contract in a very professional manner. Our cleaning company reserves the right to make any necessary changes to the terms and conditions without notification. All individuals that make the decision to use this company will be held by the terms and conditions that are specified here. Those that use our cleaning services will be required to supply the company with hot water and power. Any and all items that are fragile, or that can be broken, need to be secured or removed all together.

It is possible for individuals to hire our cleaning services on a regular basis and enter into a contract.  However, certain time frames must be met in order for this to happen.

Once cleaning is completed:

  1. The client will be expected to check the quality of work immediately after the service has been completed.
  2. If the client is not happy with the work that was completed then they have 24 hours to contact us and discuss any concerns. This can be extended if there is a good reason for the extension.
  3. If a complaint is made then we will send someone back to the location in order to carry out the services to the individual’s satisfaction. No refunds will be given if the cleaning company is not allowed to return in order to fix the problem.
  4. When booking our cleaning services over the phone the client will be required to provide their name, address, phone number and even their payment details over the phone.
  5. The client will receive notification of the services that are to take place the day before the service is to be provided.

Fast Cleaners Barking Dagenham is insured with liability coverage. A 24 hour advance notice must be given if services are to be canceled or rescheduled.

If you have further details, discuss them with our representative. Dial us now on 020 3322 7007. You can also check more of our cleaning services offers with corresponding cleaning prices.